About a year ago, I was scrubbing lip gloss off of my purse, and as I dropped my makeup into a plastic baggie, I thought,

“How embarrassing that I have this nice purse, but I’m carrying my lip colors around like a bag of carrots.  There has to be a better way.” 

Now, I had been carrying the old-fashioned lipstick case (the short one that your mother used to carry), but that didn’t work for the long, slender cosmetics of today.  So I started looking for the ideal solution and although there were plenty of long skinny lip colors at the cosmetic counter, I couldn’t find a case that worked with the odd new shapes . . .and that had a mirror.

Inspired by this unmet need, I decided to design a solution and share it with all the women who inspire me. 

Our first showing will be in San Francisco this Saturday at Thread www.threadshow.com.  I’m sure we’ll be inspired by the many creative design geniuses we’ll meet, so I’ll report back.

In the meantime, be one of the first to check out the newest handbag accessory  at www.lipscapes.com.